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Friday, September 26, 2014

I like Mondays: my new life at Lamborghini

Been a while, but I have a good excuse this time.

A few weeks ago I landed myself a nice position at Lamborghini, R&D department.

Aside from the overexposure of Huracana and Aventadors in all shades and configurations, it's a great place to be, nice people, relaxed environment, and great food at noon too. Also, from time to time you get to see some very special toys like the pictured Veneno, the first one to be built and finished with red accents. The green model is presently in Miami in the hands of enthusiast and collector Kris Singh, who also got himself the first bespoke Pagani Huayra nicknamed La Monza Lisa, while the white coupe is in China/HK. As for the Veneno Roadsters, I haven't checked on them yet.

I was also lucky enough to see the equally rare Sesto Elemento during the final checks before its lucky owner could take possession of that precious little gem. I'm not a fan of the Gallardo LP570/4 SuperLeggera drivetrain, but the design is striking.

Of course there aren't and there won't be many pictures coming as its pretty much forbidden to the deadliest level, as you may imagine.

I'm obviously over the moon to be finally involved in the creation of these spectacular exotics. I'm even more blown away by the complication hidden behind every single detail, something that the average enthusiast often forgets to consider. If things are done in a specific way, there are good chance there are quite a few reasons why.

I'll be sure to enjoy my time there for you too :D

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