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Saturday, March 21, 2009

0.1 Why The Site

After a long period in which I was just like every other average enthusiast without a real founded knowledge, a characteristic attitude or even an actual personal opinion, I discovered I was tired of all the none sense about people talking about cars without knowing anything about cars at all, or of how the industry was running without paying a real attention to satisfy certain need or project's parameters, but rather convincing the customer that was exactly what he has always been looking for.

It wasn't an intriguing view for an enthusiast, and so I started considering my own ideas about cars, about products in general, markets, strategies, and every time I came out with a new thought, I was lacking of an audience, apart from a loyal friend of mine who actually convinced me to create this site.

I wasn't really interested in having an audience to be honest, I was fine with just having those thoughts and ideas, sharing them wasn't on the list. I just realized, with the time, that I was actually looking for a sort of comparison, to help me in understanding my own views and their faults, or something I thought it was wrong at a first sight but that actually wasn't that bad. Considering how much seriously I can take a discussion, while explaining to that friend or someone else what I was thinking about something, I was lacking of the main point, the point of “why are you telling me that?”.

Good question. I wasn't aiming to convince them that I was right, neither to teach them about the automobile's world. At the same time, they couldn't help me but just listen, without adding something if not checking my intricate thoughts from an external and probably simpler point of view.

So I became a member of a car forum, for the record, after years only visiting the site related to it for news and images purpose. I was approaching it with a serious and propositional attitude, since I've never been interested in the usual “cool, wonderful, wow, LOL” kind of comment. That's been more than a year ago. Thanks to that forum and its members and moderators I learned a lot of new things, both about cars and being an enthusiast.

Now, I realized the very structure of a forum didn't allow me to express everything that I wanted to talk about, even if I found some interesting and prepared members to chat with.

I finally came to this site, refusing to call it a blog due to how they are viewed right now thanks to childish attempt to declare independence and individuality while sticking to the usual plot and the common behavior of the mass. It's supposed to be just my own place where to write and express my thoughts and ideas, perhaps looking for a healthy discussion with other users, in the same way I could have done in a forum, but following my own rhythm and mood.

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