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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I know...

The title says everything, I've been busy lately and I didn't post much, either I finished the Terra di Motori "thread". Sorry for that, really.
Expect me to recover the situation really soon.

In the meantime, poll!!!
If some of you don't mind me asking, I would like to know your opinion on this matter.

Saturday the 16th of May a lot of stuff is going to happen in Northern Italy, and I can't simply attend all the events, therefore the question.
Here are the options:.......

- The 2009 Mille Miglia crossing Modena as every year, with over 350 classic cars that are rarely seen on the road, let alone used as if they were brand new and just out of the dealer.
A nice and nostalgic atmosphere, awesome sounds, 10 minutes of bicycle away from my place are the strong points favoring an event I can attend for free. (see picture above from last year).

- FIA GT Round 2 at Adria Racetrack, not far away from Modena or my parents' house. I was there in 2007, and it was a really good exerience, with the main GT1&2 race starting at sunset and proceeding two hours into the night. This year's bonus features would be GT3 and GT4 races, Gallardo SuperTrofeo race and maybe, I said, maybe, VIP pass thanks to a friend working at Maserati Corse.
On a final note, it would be last occasion to see the mighty MC12 running before of the new rules casting an end to its shining career.
If the VIP passes aren't available, it would be about 15 € for the ticket and about 30/40 € for lunch and fuel to reach the track (with the same friend providing the passes).

- "Leggenda e Passione" RM Auction at Fiorano Racetrack. The astonishing auction going on since 2007 is probably the best moment to visit Maranello, especially this year with the 330 P4/350 Can-Am (0858) and the 250 Testa Rossa (0714) to be worth a visit on themselves.
The actual auction takes place on Sunday, and the ticket is the purchase of the official auction's catalog for 70 €, granting access for two persons.
What would be interestin is the Saturday program, with an auction preview, and then track activities like dedicated test drive for RM clients, Corse Clienti demonstrations (F1 Clienti, Historic Challenge), and 599 XX demonstration. A nice show I dare to say.
I'm not sure if the catalog purchase would grant access to both days, in such case it would be relatively cheap, coming at 17 € per each day per each person.
The problem is that I don't have a car to reach Maranello.

I quoted the costs because lately I already spent a lot of money moving to a new appartement and entering/exiting Ikea's stores (I'm a student after all...), but the money we are talking about isn't that much to worrying my bank.

I'm biased for the Mille Miglia, I really enjoyed last year, it offers the opportunity to take a lot of pictures of really amazing cars and it's just a step out of my appartment.
Regardless of this, what do you think?
Where would you go? what do you prefer the most?
Express you thoughts and feelings.

Thanks in advance.

Post header Copyright: Damiano Garro
Photos sources: Maserati MC12 and Ferrari 350 Can-Am


DEYSC Designs said...

Take me take me! lol Seeing the MC12 run for the last time? Id go for that. As for the running Mille Miglia? That can come again next year. And even better if you have VIP passes. (TAKE ME TOO!) lol.

Damiano Garro said...

In the end I went for the GT races...plenty of fun, awesome races and too much sun (I'm wearing a two tone paint job now ;)).
Coverage coming soon.

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