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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Come to the Dark Side - The Italian Junkyard and Reparto Corse N.6 join forces!

I knew Anthony of Coasts (direct translation ftw) while I was navigating the endless interweb looking for more and more image about my beloved Zonda.
I came to his island, another blog, called Reparto Corse N.6, where early shots of a still to be unveiled Zonda R were present.
Holy find, Batman!
I contacted him to know more about this unusual event, and while waiting for an answer, I found out his blog was pretty peculiar and interesting, very personal and passionate.
He browsed mine, we chatted, and here we are, deal!
As he liked The Italian Junkyard, we are know finalizing (see: Blogger's authorizations not working) my inclusion in the staff of the Reparto Corse N.6 (aka Racing Division N.6 for you, non Italian speakers).
Stay tune to see how it will work out.

The Italian Junkyard

Photo source: ThinkGeek

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Anonymous said...

You still have some awesome stuff. Just droppin by to remind you that I still follow the coolest Italian blog ever =D

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