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Thursday, February 4, 2010

2010 Pagani Zonda Tricolore, Italian one-off super car for Spain

Another quick update, another Zonda article.
In other news, I'm getting closer to my degree. Yesterday I finished my thesis, but now I have to write a "short" summary and create a presentation for the Big Day. It's not over yet.

Meanwhile, thanks to a factory visit of forum fellow Ale1098, we can now see the latest Pagani's one-off, yet again based on the almighty Zonda F.
As with the 2009 Zonda PS, another one-off created for former Zonda F customer Peter Saywell, this Zonda Tricolore sports many parts taken from the limited edition Zonda Cinque, and a couple of hints of the track-only Zonda R as well.

Finished with a remarkable black and blue shaded carbon fiber bodywork, as seen on the Bugatti Gran Sport Sang Bleu and 16C Galibier Concept (yeah, I know...), the car also features a blue stripe finishing the lower part of the body, and an Italian flag on the front bonnet and rear wing.
The rear wing is taken directly from the Zonda Cinque, being larger and higher than the one available on the Zonda F. Same with the exhausts. The air intakes on the rear wheel arches are from the Zonda R, being larger than those from the Cinque.
The gearbox is the same pseudo-sequantial gearbox as seen on the Cinque. The Zonda R uses a truly sequential unit, as on actual GT race cars.
The front received some small splitters from the Cinque in front of the front wheels too.

What makes this car unique are the different headlamps, now much more prominent (perhaps adaptive and able to tilt during corners?), the new position lights in the form of the LEDs integrated in the bonnet, and fin attached to the engine cover.

According to some rumors, this is chassis #76110.

The car was custom made for Guarneri from Spain, which also has the first Zonda Cinque Roadster seen here, which used to be the #1/5, but lately received a brand new #5/5 sticker. Don't ask why.

Marginally seen also in one of the pictures, is the Zonda R #3. Don't know if he owns that too. Hope not.

Now, if I have to be honest about the Tricolore, that car is a mess.
The golden wheels aren't really suiting the color of the bodywork, dark gray would have been a more sensible idea.
Also, the new LEDs and the fin are too much of a gimmick, not really integrated, not really good looking. I may get used to them both, but they aren't my cup of tea, definitely.
The color is just awesome, but honestly the blue stripe isn't working, let alone the Italian Flag. A bit pointless too, as the car is going to Spain, and at first was supposed to be called Zonda Marbella.
Fortunately they changed their minds, as the first thing that comes to mind when I tihnk of a car called Marbella is this:

The Spanish Seat Marbella, based on the unattainable Fiat Panda mk1.

Two more ones-offs will be built, at least, on the Zonda platform.
The new C9 will be unveiled in October at the Paris' Mondial de l'Automobile, or maybe a bit early with a web release, who knows...
The Zonda will still be available for the next 3 years though, so you have plenty of time to think about your exclusive one-off. Or maybe even for a stock Zonda F, as there already are 30 units (29 + 1 converted S 7.3 to be precise) so no problems at topping the 25 programmed units.

Regardless of what I think about a car I can't have/drive but maybe see in the coming days, here are the shots for you to enjoy them, and comments to let us know what you think about it.

Thanks again to Ale1098 for this exclusive content.

Zonda's Photos Copyright: Ale1098
Seat Marbella: carstudies


LTSmash said...

Pagani needs to get off this "give the customer what they want" BS. First there was a bad gearbox and now their making one-offs? Go back to making hardcore machines for the real enthusiasts...

Damiano Garro said...

I've just received news that a fifth one off could be built.

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