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Friday, February 26, 2010

13.1 Geneva Preview: 2010 Koenigsegg Agera, Exclusive 11 images high resolution gallery!

We knew Koenigsegg was going to release something at the upcoming Geneva auto show (which I'm going to attend, FYI), and we also knew it wasn't a production version of last year NLV Quant Concept car, which it turned out a few days ago it was actually an NLV project, with some major efforts in the engineering part from Koenigsegg itself.
The Quant is going to appear again this year in a new form, at the NLV booth.

Talking about Koenigsegg, what you are looking at is the brand new 2010 Agera, a clear evolution of the CC family, whit some clear design features borrowed directly from the Quant itself.

Technically based on the famous and desperately fast CCX, the Agera uses the same carbon fiber monocoque and engine, but tuned so to produce soe 910 bhp at 6.870 rpm. Torque reaches a tarmac crisping 1.100 Nm value at 5.100 rpm, and its transferred to the rear wheels through a Koenigsegg-engineered transversal, paddle-shift transmission with limited slip differential, recently introduced on the CCX model.
The Inconell exhaust is the one which debuted on the Trevita edition a while ago, and other features are shared with the original car, such as the adjustable suspension to help the car get over speed bumps, the removable hardtop, stowable under the front hood lid.
The Agera also features a flat underbody with a Venturi tunnel at rear of the body. This is said to produce 300kg of downforce at 250km/h.
392×36 and 380×34 discs at the front and rear, made out of the usual carbon-ceramic composite, help stopping the car which is supposed to top the 390 km/h mark, reaching 100 km/h fro still in 3.2 seconds, and 200 km/h in 8.9 seconds. You can start breathing again now.
In the event of a turn, not at that speed of course, you will be pleased to know that the sizes of the tires are 255/35 – 19 inch at the front and 335/30 – 20 inch at the rear.
Four-point seatbelts for track use, USB connectivity and MP3 reader for the city, this car doesn't lack much in terms of equipment, being a super-hyper-zOMG-car.
For those of you a bit too much into fun there is a G-sensor alarm that warns you when the car is about to reach its 1.6G cornering ability. Honestly I don't want to here any sort of BEEP in those moments, I've other things to think about...

Oh, the car cover is standard. So nice.

Orders will be collected in Geneva, delivery expected by the end of the year or sooner, depending on how the 6-moths development goes.

"In case you were wondering, Agera can be translated in two ways; first in Swedish to the verb of ‘to act’, secondly in Greek to mean ‘ageless'", say the folks over

Enjoy the exclusive 11-images hi-res photo gallery after the jump.

All Images Copyright: Koenigsegg Automotive AB

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