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Sunday, July 18, 2010

18.1 Modena Terra di Motori, 2010 Edition!

You can well say it’s now summer. Not only it’s quite hot out there but there are also much more automotive events. Modena is of course no exception, and even this year time came for the “Modena Terra di Motori” show. If you need a quick review of previous editions head here (TERRA DI MOTORE tag) for a summary of the 2008 and 2009 editions.

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As you may remember, I had something to say about how the whole deal was handled, the main point being the lack of official stands from some local companies, like, you know, Ferrari. Maserati and Pagani always showcased some cars with an official booth, while the Maranello based company has been relying on local owners and dealers so far. While this meant that last year, when it rained, there only were two Ferraris in the main square, a 308 and a Mondial iirc, this year things went a bit better, with a couple of dealers bringing there something like 6 cars which never left the square. I’m still of the idea that something should be done. Ferrari may have a better opinion of itself even than what its Tifosi have, but it won’t last forever.

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If it was Pagani to skip the event, I’d sort of understand, you’re small, the new guy (hey, 11 years since the very first appearance of the Zonda C12) and you sell a very few cars each year, mostly to people who don’t need a local show to know about your super rocket. That’s even more the case for someone as big as Ferrari, everyone already knows about you, and your cars are already the dream of those who both can or can’t own one. BUT, if we consider what Ferrari can and can’t do, I’d dare to say that bringing say 10 of their cars 20 km out of the factory isn’t really a big deal. It may seem pointless, but we are talking about passion, about a car show for enthusiasts, and a love for exotic, expensive and insanely fast cars is pointless on its own.

What I found out though may explain something. Other events take place during these days, from gathering of local clubs (Vespa’s and Lambretta’s clubs for instance) to some sort of food festival. Talking about the latter, I has been told that those bars and restaurants who decide to be involved in this small festival has to pay for it, and not a cheap fee. The justification being that this way they would be advertised. Well, Modena isn’t that big anyway, and people already know who is where, and where is the best place for a piadina or whatever you are into that evening. Even if it’s true that they get paid by customers who stop by their shops, the price is set by the organization in 15 €, which may seem not that much, but it’s quite a lot compared to what you get. So while last year many people bought the ticket and paid the money, this year the avoided being screwed and just walked in the next bar. It was a bit of a failure.
Now I’m not sure if something similar also happens with the auto show, but it would explain the lack of more official presence or some sort of disorganization. Some sort of a political decision, possibly. Still a silly excuse, but hey, who are we to judge?!

Regardless, the weather was much better this year and there were also quite some cars to see, possibly more interesting than last year even without considering what happened to the Ferraris last time around. No Lamborghinis this year unfortunately and I don’t know if it has something to do with the historical rivalry with the Prancing Horse company or just because no one bothered…. Or simply because Sant’Agata Bolognese is indeed in Bologna’s territory, not Modena. Whatever, shame on you.

Yeah, that's a Maserati 250 GT sportsbike!

What I did appreciate was a small square dedicated to the past, in general. From classic cars, bikes and bicycles to cinema, local products, pictures and so on. Every 45 minutes a short sequence from some famous Italian movie (sort of) featuring a car was reinterpreted right on the square. Nothing special but still funny.

All in all a good event, nothing special to report but it’s a good thing that this event is taking place every year. Call it tradition, or nostalgia, but if it wasn’t for cars, Modena wouldn’t be so attractive to a gear head like me…

All Pictures Copyright: Damiano Garro

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