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Saturday, July 24, 2010

18.5 2010 Modena Terra di Motori, More beautiful cars from the good old days!

What else to say?!
Enjoy the gallery!

Abarth 695

MORE after the jump!!!

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider

Ford Consul Classic

Ford Taunus

Fiat 508 Balilla

Ford Anglia

Siata 850 Spring

Alfa Romeo 1300 GT Junior

All Pictures Copyright: Damiano Garro


Adrian said...

Hey Damiano,

Sorry to have to correct you, but I think you'll find your photo of a Ford Consul is actually a 1961-63 Ford Classic. Ford brought out two models in the early sixties the Capri and the Classic. I remember them well because my young friend's father, at the time, bought a Capri. I suppose they were testing the market for the later Ford Cortina MK 1, whch proved very popular.

Best regards, Adrian.

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Damiano Garro said...

Hi Adrian,
I actually forgot to write the complete name of the car, Consul Classic, as the second link you posted explains.

Thanks for the comment, woulndn't have noticed it otherwise.


Anonymous said...

Ciao Adriano,

sono Giulia e sono una degli organizzatori di Modena Terra di Motori. Ho notato con piacere le tue bellissime foto della manifestazione.
Ti invito perciò a iscriverti al gruppo Facebook di Modena Terra di Motori e pubblicare lì le foto dell'evento.
Devi sapere che le foto più belle verranno selezionate ed esposte a ModenaFiere durante Motorsport Expotech ( il 13/14 ottobre 2010.

Grazie mille e complimenti ancora!

Giulia Sighinolfi

Damiano Garro said...

Salve Giulia,
penso quel messaggio fosse rivolto a me, non Adrian.
Non sono in possesso di un account facebook, ma penso ci si possa organizzare anche diversamente.

Mi può contattare direttamente a questo indirizzo email:

Grazie per i complimenti!

Damiano Garro

Adrian said...

Hey Damiano,

I probably wouldn't have noticed either, but in the 1950's my Mum used to own a sky blue Ford Consul MkII, with front bench seat and column change, so it immediately caught my eye. I used to pretend to drive it from the passenger side. I had a pretend steering wheel and column change that I used to stick to the facia by means of a rubber sucker. I think I was about 4yrs old at the time - Memories eh!

Thanks for a great blog.


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