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Monday, March 14, 2011

20.3 More Is Never Enough: Last Addition to Koenigsegg's Line-Up Is Just Insane, perfect way to end an interview

So you thought that was it? No way, a new addition to the Agera’s family has just been parked in my extremely virtual garage.

Incidentally, I asked for a white Agera, and Koenigsegg released images of their new car in a bespoke white paintjob. Unfortunately, that’s not my car. Life can be tough…
This, my friends, is the new Koenigsegg Agera R.

Keeping with the company’s tradition, the “R” suffix means the car is capable of running on biofuel, which once again means an embarrassing amount of power at your disposal, if the “standard” 900 bhp Agera wasn’t enough for you.

Make the jump to keep reading, enjoy the rest of the high resolution official gallery and download the extensive press release, which I must say it's quite interesting for once.

Featuring chassis #83, this car wears a custom paint job which extends also to the interior, with red accents and some parts in exposed carbon fiber. I know you ‘d probably agree the most evident new feature is actually the additional cargo volume. Yes, that’s not a photoshop, and yes, it’s an official option, called the Winter Pack.
If you think about Koenigsegg, the fact it’s based in Sweden and how much snow you’re just thinking about, that makes sense, if you really want to go skiing and your snow plow is currently being serviced at the local garage.

There is actually so much more to talk about the production versions of the Agera and Agera R that it’s probably simpler for you to read the admittedly interesting press release. I’ll summarize the most striking features:

- New engine design allows for a BMEP (break mean effective pressure) of 28/30 bar, depending on your model, obtained also through a new combustion chamber design, new block which uses cylinders’ sleeves to improves its stiffness, new connecting rods, new intake and exhausts manifolds to improve airflow dynamics.

- Previous point translated for non engineer human beings: 900/110 bhp, 1.000 Nm of torque over a 2.500 rpm range, or 1.250 Nm for 3.300 rpm on the Agera R, 310 grams of CO2 in the EU homologation cycle, 14,7 km per liter.

- New 7 speed actuated manual gearbox, much lighter than a standard dual clutch unit at 81 kg.

- 70 kg carbon fiber chassis, including the integrated fuel tanks, and 65.000 Nm/degree of torsional stiffness. Dry weight setting a new benchmark at 1.330 kg, curb weight at 1.418 kg (all fluids plus half tank of fuel).

- “Rear Triplex Damper” suspension, for improved comfort and driving precision, which you can also spot trough the opening on the engine bonnet.

- New tires and vortex generating wheels, each of them specifically forged and machined to achieve this aerodynamics feature.

- Top speed limited (seriously) to 375 km/h, with possibility to engage a “full speed mode” through the infotainment system, given the car is in the right conditions, and so the track you’re about to face.

- Dynamic rear wing, which modifies its angle according to the speed to reduce drag, while also creating an effect very similar to a diffuser extracting hot air from the engine bay through the two pillar.

- Winter pack (yes, you read that right): custom made roof box by Thule, integrated into a second roof for a top speed of up to 300 km/h. In the same package you also get a vacation at Åre’s skiing resort, the most exclusive place for skiing in Sweden. Good deal, isn't it?

- Lithium Iron cells battery, enabling also new energy saving strategies specifically for when the car is left unused for long periods of time.

So the car is ridiculously fast and incredibly high-tech, but it still manages to maintain that old-school supercar air. Like they used to be: the danger, the thrill, and that feeling that came from knowing that the car is trying to kill you at every sharp turn, minus the killing part.

Once again credits to Mr Koenigsegg and his staff for the brief interview he gave us and the precious material they managed to provide us. Looking forward to talk again, and perhaps meet you at the next autoshow.

Thank you, The Italian Junkyard.

2011 Koenigsegg Agera R #83 press release

All Pictures Copyright: Koenigsegg Automotive AB

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