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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

21.1 Spring brought flowers, and some Ferrari memorabilia

It’s not just about flowers, bees, weekends at the lake or whatever you may prefer.
There is another key element. Automotive events!

Yep, with the good season come a lot of minor events all around Italy and not only, without even considering the racing season going straight in its more packed period.
To prepare yourself for the next months I’ve taken a last year’s se4t of pictures from a random and pretty small “show” I’ve stumbled upon in a town close to my parents’, while on vacation.

Not much to be seen on an absolute scale, still a nice place to stop by. Main attractions were probably the four Ferraris (one of them being actually a Dino) parked next to the church and a Lola B05/52 Zytek from the late A1 Grand Prix championship, but there also was a pretty large and weird selection of various Ferrari related items and memorabilia of all sorts.

So be it, enjoy the randomness!
Photoshoots with the other cars will come soon!

Ferrari 208 engine:

Ferrari 360 Modena engine:

Ferrari F430 engine:

All Pictures Copyright: Damiano Garro


Anonymous said...

is the 208 engine for sale?

Damiano Garro said...

Hi there and thanks for the comment.
Unfortunately I don't have the contacts for the people showcasing the engine, so I can't say if it is/was for sale.


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