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Sunday, February 5, 2012

22.1 2012 Motorsport Expotech, MoRe Modena Racing on the spotlight!!!

...and we're back online, all systems are go!!!

You may remember some rumbling about my partecipation in my Univer's team of Formula SAE or Formula Student, depending on the specific race you're referring to. Eventually the 2011 season didn't come together as we planned with pour results and poorer reliability, but we had one hell of a time! It also took a lot of energy and time from all the participants, but that didn't stop me from carry on my commitment for the 2012 season. In the shake up that revolutionize our team, with some people leaving and many more entereing the picture, I ended up being nominated the team leader for the 2012 season. Which means that from that moment on whatever has gone and will go wrong will be my own fault. Fair enough! :D

Just so you know it, that beastly black single seater is our Formula SAE entry for the 2011 season, the EVO XI, pictured by Mauro Terzi at this year Motorsport Expotech fair in Modena. The car was mainly developed by students which left the team at the end of the season, so we got to give them credits for this creation.

As As of now we are in the final stages of the design of our 2012 entry, code named EVO XII. In all honesty I never really liked that name and the memories of not-anymore-rally-connected Mitsubishis. I suppose we'll have to come up with something more intriguing.

Also enjoy the rest of the pictures I've taken myself, over the top ISO settings be damned...

Damiano aka TIJ

Header Picture credits: Mauro Terzi
All Other Pictures COpyright: Damiano Garro for The Italian Junkyard


yakkamobbfoob said...

Will you be going to the competition in Michigan in May? I'll be there with Rensselaer's FSAE team hopefully.

-Miles (of f6fhellcat fame :p )

Damiano Garro said...


No friggin' way we're going to such a far away competition, drastically reduced 2012 budget and a small detail called Atlantic Ocean prevent us from being there ;)

We'll be doing Silverstone (UK) in July and Varano de Melegary (Italy) in September.

Great to hear you're a part of the FSAE family!!!
what's your role in the team?

- Damiano (of Leon or TIJ fame :D )

yakkamobbfoob said...

Damn! A meetup would have been cool.
It's my first year on the team, so I'm not in a huge position to design things, though I did design our differential assembly, but not the diff itself. I'm also helping with the work on our diffuser, because it's the first time in a while we've run an aero package.
What engine do you guys run? We're using a Honda F4i unit, tubeframe, no aero except the diffuser etc... a pretty simple setup, but it serves us well and we're one of the lightest four-cylinder cars.

Damiano Garro said...

Yeah, meeting up would have been cool, last year there was only one team from the States in Silverstone (Oregon State University, deadly fast).

It will be (yep, still coming together) an evolution of the 2011 car, so an updated aluminum spaceframe, monocylinder Husqvarna SMR engine with Helholtz resonators, push-rod suspensions on all corners, radial mounted 4 piston brake calipers, 13" wheels and for the first time flat underbody and aero diffuser.

The 2011 car had a running weight of 186 kg at the end of the year. We could do a lot better just buying lightweight bolts and nuts and using some fancier aluminum alloys, but first of all you have to find them and secondly money is quite THE issue this year. Lost our main sponsor (damn banks) :(

Then again I've managed to lurk in a local automotive company... no official words on that for the time being, but it's mouth watering!!!

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