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Monday, February 17, 2014

2014 Modena Antiquaria and Unica fair, Pagani Huayra P1, Transformers 4 edition

From time to time, you may happen to see an extraordinary car on the road, something you’d have never considered seeing. When I was a kid, it only took a Lamborghini Diablo to make my day, or rather the whole week.

It’s a bit different now, and that’s mostly because the Internet took over the world with all its pictures, videos, reviews, live feeds and whatnot. A Lamborghini Murcielago is all of a sudden a much more common car, and not simply because it has been produced in greater numbers than the Diablo, but because we are more used to it than we were to the Diablo back in the days.
While this is definitely great news for those who like me can’t never get enough of these masterpieces, I reckon the kid in me misses a little of that magic feel when such cars were briefly spotted on the road on your way to the grocery shop. Don’t worry though, there are still cars that can make you jump around like a little kid no matter what.

Beware the almighty Huayra!

First and foremost thanks to Miss Pramazzoni for inviting us to the event, and thanks to Miss Giulia for the nice talk and walk around the car. As usual with Pagani’s people, you always feel welcomed.

Definitely not the first time you have seen the Huayra, but isn’t it a beauty every time? The craftsmanship is topnotch, the now proverbial Pagani maniacal attention to detail is ubiquitous, the bodywork design is simply exciting, and the sight is a simply knee-jerking experience. Add to that a candy red finish with exposed carbon fiber and a quite stylish silver stripe, and we got a winner here.

If cars were like movies and a subtitle was required I can’t think of a better one than “I’m thy God”.

Movies… what about them? It appears this car will be featured in a top movie very soon. Giulia was lip tight about the title of the movie because of the ongoing deal with the production house and Pagani, but it wouldn’t take much to find out tons of pictures with this very car on the upcoming Transformers 4 movie sets. She didn’t say it, so dear Michael Bay don’t be mad at Pagani! The secret was already out there anyway.
I’ve never been much of a Transformer movies fan (but I have a soft spot for the original animated series), but for once I’m going to be interested on how the Huayra presence in a major picture is going to turn out.

It’s not by chance though that this is happening right now. The Huayra is Pagani’s way into the North American market and a movie might be the best way not to collect more orders probably, but rather to have the car a bit more known in other countries, the US more importantly. Despite a now 15 years history and the astonishing Zonda already in the books, there is still an awful lot of people not knowing what the Zonda and the Huayra are, who Pagani is and where they come from. Even in Modena people sometimes wonder what model of Ferrari this might be… I say madness!

Back to more practical things, it took 2 years to get the Huayra certified for the US, bureaucracy, crash tests and fine tuning for the emissions took an heavy toll on the company, technically and financially, but now California and Florida shores are in sight. Additional side markers, “smart” driver and passenger airbags and even larger rear view mirrors are just among the various bits that were required to have the Huayra certified for the US, but even if the American life of the Huayra is just beginning, it was well worth bothering.

This car though doesn’t belong to any Hollywood personality or NBA player. It’s a factory car which is now back in Italy after its filming duties are over. I couldn’t help but notice that it doesn’t carry a regular VIN though, as this car is based on the very first Pagani Huayra prototype, or VIN ZA9C900P1 if you are into that, although it has obviously been thoroughly restored and rebuilt according to the latest specifications of the production Huayra.

Add to that at least two bespoke details I could spot, which so far haven’t been seen on any customer car yet. The easier to notice is the side profile on the optional front spoiler, which adds a lot of aggressiveness as little as it might be. It may also have an influence on the aerodynamics of the car but it’s hard to say without any hard data. The second seems an even more functional element, and it is this small winglet right after the front wheel, probably installed to reduce the amount of debris hitting the gorgeous bodywork of the Huayra.

Obligatory mirror shot, as per the Pagani rulebook.

As an occasional lady passing by said, “it really looks like a leaf”. Well, it’s supposed to look like a woman’s eye, but you’ll be forgiven.

Bonus pictures from the lady's mobile phone:


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