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Friday, June 12, 2009

Never mind, choose your streaming!

I'm still learning how works, and found some other interesting channel.
What I was thinking is adding the whole "Auto Racing" category list to a gadget on the left, so that each of you could choose the channel he prefers while visiting The Italian Junkyard.
Now that I think you may pass more time here than that required to read a post or browse the pics, but perhaps I could do that.
Surely it's something I'm not able to do though, so was wondering if any of you have a tip to give me on how to sort this out.
Otherwise I'll probably post an interesting channel/event every now and then.

Maybe during this week, thanks to the Le Mans race, the action is a bit more interesting, but after the jump there are some examples of the good stuff you can find there...

Three cameras of the Luc Alphand Advetures box (not always working I know...)

Source: Auto Racing channels

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