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Saturday, June 13, 2009

RACE: 24 Heures du Mans LIVE Streaming, Check back for more!

In this post I want to embed all the live streaming I can find about the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Up to know I got four streaming channels, three of them being those about the Luc Alphand Adventures guys I've already posted.
The channels are likely going to change as the race gets closer or when one of them is turned down for some reasons, so to avoid me creating a new post every time something changes, I think you should check often so to see what's new and what's on air.
If you are already here, perhaps you could press "F5" every now and then to see if a new interesting channel has been added.

My advice for race followers is to keep Radio Le Mans on as the main audio, and to check the 24H official site for the live timing, which I failed to try to embed, miserably (tips are welcomed!).
Perhaps it could be easier for you to follow the race here as my site is pretty empty, no ads, no gifs, nothing going on stealing band to the video streaming ;)

PS Eurosport at the moment is airing the World Series in Hungary, but at 14:30 (+1 GMT) it will switch to Le Mans.

Enjoy the video, and don't be afraid to ask if you want larger windows for the streaming, new channel or whatever else! Talk to me!

Follow the jump for all the free stuff...

Official Live timing: open this link in a new window!
Radio Le Mans live comenting: open this link in a new window!

All the video streaming I found up to now:

Source: Auto Racing channels


Anonymous said...

Damiano! Thank's for all the links!
Works fine in Denmark

Damiano Garro said...

^^^ You're welcome! :)
Thanks for the following

Anonymous said...

Damiano, since you live in Modena,
do you ever sneak your way in to se some
Ferrari F1 or other car testing at Mugello?


Damiano Garro said...

^^^ Well, Mugello is a bit too far from here, but I surely see lots more Ferrari and Maserati than usual.
But race cars aren't usual on the road :D
Just some motor home every now and then.
Worth be said, a F430 Spider mule back in 2004, GranTurismo mules in 2006/7 and some Californias last year. Looking forward to catch an F142 on the street soon as they are increasing the tests on the real mules rather than prototypes based on the F430s

Anonymous said...

Ok. The resaon I asked, was that I have seen Schumacher driving around on Ferrari's test track at Mugello - in what to me - look like a race track in the middle of the of a smaller italian city. Since F1 is EXTREMLY noisy, I thought the inhabitans would be very annoyed with the loud noise, on and off, during the year.

Damiano Garro said...

^^^ Fiorano circuit is private, and it's often use for early testing of F1 and road cars. Inhabitants could even be annoyed, but without Ferrari that small town wouldn't basically exist.

Also, there are just industrial buildings almost all around the track, while the few houses are of Ferrari itself and used for foreign workers. I know Chris Dyer ( used to live on a car 100 meters far from the entrance of the track.

Mugello on the other hand is hided by small hills, and the town over there is pretty small.

Anonymous said...

Good morning! Thank's for the information and explanation on Fiorano and Mugello.

I have a friend living in Estoril, near the race circuit. He and other locals were happy when the F1 races and testing moved away from the curcuit.

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