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Friday, September 18, 2009

7.3 Just WOW: Iso Rivolta Grifo 7.0's been a while, isn't it?
I've been really busy at with my exams, and now I'm pretty much drained.
Still I wanted to make a post, and to make it about this marvelous Iso Grifo.
The header is my new desktop's background btw...

This car is an example of a kind of car which Italy was used to produced in discreet numbers and excellent quality, but that now is gone. De Tomaso, Iso, Bizzarrini, none of them survived the modern days, and I honestly miss them. Looking at a De Tomaso Mangusta just makes you wonder why we are now stuck with nearly identically proportioned cars.
This Grifo surely isn't as aggressive or “different” as the Mangusta, but while being quite classy and understated, it also manages to bring an almost muscle car look, and all the energy of it.
It is something maybe Maserati should have tried to become now that it is strongly reborn, since a lot of people still expect from a Maserati something more brutal and sporty rather than luxury, and one should wonder why is it so...

Well, I'm not into writing tons of words describing this car and its history tonight, but honestly, do you really need my description to see how much awesome is going on in these pictures?!
And it's not even for my photographic skills, that's for sure.

Enjoy this 7.0 liter, Chevrolet 427 V8 powered Italian lady in all her magnificence, she's actually better than what you can imagine.

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The Italian Junkyard.

All Images Copyright: Damiano Garro

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