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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Wild Ferrari 458 Italia, into the wild as well!

This video is something I wasn't expecting from Ferrari.
Even if the video looks a bit Hollywood-ish, and the action looks pretentious, it's something quite far from the sedate, polite and cold image I had of Ferrari.
The exact second I though, "ok, it's all cool and all, but there is no oversteering going on there", the yellow car starts a long right corner oversteering with the same ease of a drift car.
It's definitely a video for the enthusiasts out there, somethinh I honestly wasn'y expecting from Ferrari at all.
Well done.

I'm still not sold on the car, the front is almost ok, as the side vents are barely invisible and I'm getting used to the intakes on the inner side of the lights.
The rear still looks too fuzzy and busy though, especially in the lower part, too many lines going on and the rear itself it's also too vertical compared to the fluent and soft shape of the car.

The green house is a bit too high, but the more I see the car moving the less I notice it, so it's probably a problem of the early shots than of the car itself.

Looking forward to see it in the flesh, but right now I can say this: that sound is pretty familiar...stop testing the car while I'm studying!

PS Loved the last images of the two cars running away, like two wild horses in the middle of a prairie...droll

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