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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

10.0 Time is running, but not on my watch

First things first, this isn't an automotive related post. Even if it's a prelude to my 2 Italian cents on the Bugatti 16C Galibier Concept, it's rather about how I create a post, how I write, and possibly why, to some extent.
Dedicated to all of those who don't care how many visitors they have everyday on their websites, to those who don't follow everyone who is followed by his/her friends on Twitter or Facebook, to all of those who have a personal opinion based on their own thinking. To all of those who live to please themselves, and to be eventually happy.
Oh, and to my lonely Mongolian visitor.

Oh my...

Make the jump, it's a safe one.

It has been a while since Bugatti unveiled its new concept car, the massive 16C Galibier, and the dust raised by the initial buzz has already settled.
Every now and then I happened to have a look at it, its pictures to be honest. The more I was looking at it, the more I wanted to review it. I wanted to review it in the usual way though, with a bit of background on the car, on the brand and the people who created the brand in first place.

While I was trying to extricate myself between lacking info and writing inaccurate stories about the Bugatti family members, it so happened that rumors of a upcoming second exhibition of the car surfaced, this time in Los Angeles.
It actually happened, and a first review was posted, courtesy of
You can read it here.

Honestly I was hugely disappointed.
I'm not a fan or active member of the community, but I enjoy it as a sort of Automotive Daily News. Some articles/posts are brilliant, others are pretty ordinary.
Regardless, when the time to meet the new Bugatti came, the result was a bit poor, I think.
First of all, no live pictures, a real shame and it isn't even explained why. Second, the review itself was, well, descriptive, that's it.
When I read it I thought it was something I could have done myself without even looking much at the images and at the video released. Not only it is merely describing the car, but it doesn't express emotions, feelings, ideas, even if that seems the intent of the writer.
Too bad, but I'm not here to judge a much more renowned and capable "colleague".
What I'm here to write is what happened to me.

It did, however, raised one emotion. I was so disappointed by the review I thought I had to hurry up and write mine, as now the lights were again on on the car, and people would have just been distracted by such sterile reviews, while I thought my much more passionate approach would have just been better.

Then I thought, "why?!"
I don't write for a living, first of all, and I don't get a single dollar out of it, I don't even have ads and the likes over here, not even Google's. I'm not a major player in the virtual automotive world. Yes, I had my 15 minutes of glory when Jason Castriota and Bradley Farrell catapulted me straight into il Paese dei Balocchi, or the Land of Toys, for you non Italian speakers.
Well, it was actually Balocco, VC, Italy, but you can't get it all right, can you?!

So, the point now is basically, why I write, and for who.
As for the why, it didn't change through this first 8 months, I still write to express what I feel and think, to re-read my thoughts and see that they actually make sense, every now and then. It's a sort of waste gate, but also an intake valve.
It's useful to lower the pressure, when I need a distraction and something else to do rather than pointlessly study something for the sake of it and for a future career I don't really "feel"as mine sometimes. It's also useful to keep the pressure up, or rather to keep the passion burning when things are not getting into the right direction and I need a way to remember myself what I'm doing here and why I'm pointlessly studying these things...
What a conflict.

But it's a nice one, and it's what makes me even proud of what I'm doing. I'm not saving the world, but I'm happy with how The Italian Junkyard evolved. It reflects myself, the way I think and they way I'd do everything else, with my own method. I'm expressing myself, something I think a lot of people isn't really capable of, being lack of communication or lack of something of their own to actually express.
So thinking about this, there was no hurry anymore, no need to let the world know what I think about the Galibier, the Bugatti family or their artistic heritage. No need to beat the next big guy on the clock with my rants.

Exactly looking at the whole Bugatti family tree I was sketching, I remembered myself the most important thing is being yourself, following your own path your own way.
There might be things we can't always do our way, that's life, but we can still try to put our signature on everything we do, so to be proud of them, to some extent, or to feel them as ours.
My way of writing and posting is to be genuine. I don't want to post something if I'm not into it, and I won't write if in that moment I'm not in the mood, otherwise the result wouldn't be fluid** and homogeneous. It especially wouldn't have my personal touch throughout the main subject of the story.
All this because at the end of the day, what I write is barely exclusive even in the best cases, it isn't something you can't find somewhere else or that no one knows. But no one, I suppose, writes the way I do, because, I hope, no one it's like me.

At the end of the day I write for myself and no one else, and about myself. As you all know the world around you, looking at it trough the eyes of someone else is giving you more information about this person, rather than about the world itself.
Yes, I post a link on Twitter every time I write a new post, looking for some new readers, or to let old readers know something new has been added. Yes, I do post links to my blog here and there, on forums I'm a member of or on websites I comments, perhaps sporadically. I think it's kinda obvious, as if I was really just talking only to myself, then writing all of this on a notepad would have been sufficient, or I could have just thought it, even better.
Yes, I "like" the fact that other people can read what I write, and I'm of course pleased, very pleased, if they likes it, it's like a confirmation from the outside that the gears are still working fine.

So, if you're one of them, one of my readers who like what they found here, being Mongolian, Italian or Japanese, I'm sure you'll understand if and why I'll take my time between each post or if my schedule is a bit "independent" from what's going on in the real world of the almighty internet.

That's it. Does it make sense? Didn't check that to be honest...let me know.



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