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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Time has come to sit down and talk, seriously.

This is journalist and gear head Chris Harris from the English EVO Magazine.
I used to be a regular subscriber of their Italian counterpart, until last year or even a bit before I wasn't all the triggered to read their new issues, articles were less interesting, just journalism. They used to be all about communicating you what they were feeling and experiencing as if they were one of your pals at the bar, but then it became all more ordinary, less passionate. It didnt help that the Italian magazne changed his director who was just a brilliant person, but also the orinally English written articles weren't the same anymore.

Make the jump to whatch the video of Harris performing a deadly quick acceleration run in a brand new Porsche 911 Turbo equipped with the PDK (dual clutch transmission) gearbox and drinking some Coke in the process.
Then read my 2 Italian Cents and why we need a group therapy.


What he said?!
That's a remarkable performance car?!

Dude, you need some help, seriously.
That's a commuter, a quick commuter if you prefer. I don't know if the problem is calling it a performance car or referring to it as a car in first place.
I know I can do some tasks while proceeding at low speeds, that I can drink some water or Coke while stuck in a traffic jam, and that some people even manage to smoke a cigarette while texting at 130 km/h, but I'd never though that it should have been possible to accelerate a 520 bhp car at its best possibilities while drinking and just keeping your right foot planted on the first pedal.
What's next, self driving boxes a la Minority Report?!

That's probably where we are heading as I previously wrote on this forum, and indeed many companies among which GM and VAG are testing since some time self driving cars, but when I journalist from a exotics specialized renowned magazine call such a toy a "remarkable performance car", I start being worried.
Is it a great or remarkable engineering and technical achievement? Probably yes, it is.
Is it useful in some ways? Probably yes as well, perhaps not if applied to this specific car but I can see the point of a car capable to manage itself an acceleration, even a quick one. Technically.

In no way though I'd call that remarkable from the point of view of the enthusiast which I thought it was the target of such magazine.
No wonder then if people keep criticizing the Ferrari California.

Video source: EVO Magazine
Image source: Group therapy

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